How having a beauty treatment can really make your day!
1st February 2016
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We received this fantastic feedback for Obsession Salon & Spa from one of their very satisfied customers and couldn't resist sharing it.

“Life had thrown quite a lot at me recently, as it does to us all at times, and I was feeling somewhat out of sync. It wasn’t so much as being stressed, just unable to slow down enough to relax, even for a few minutes. I decided that I needed to put myself into a situation where I could do nothing but relax and so booked myself in for a 2 hour slot straight after work last Thursday at Obsession Salon & Spa within the Branston Golf & Country Club.

The FOH team there are lovely and very welcoming. I felt at ease and relaxed the moment they seated me on the chaise lounge in the reception area. Kirsten (who is Head of Spa Development at Obsession) sat down with me to ask me what I was looking for. Relaxation was at the top of my list but I also wanted a facial and said that I would like to put some life and brightness back into my face and remove all the wrinkles…the latter I was joking about although later, as I will tell you shortly, I was very surprised. We agreed upon a Tranquility Body Massage and a Brightening Pearl Facial

I followed Kirsten up to the treatment room which was cosy; not too big or too small and was decorated in a deep mulberry, which, coupled with the divine sensuous smell as I entered the room, made it feel opulent and luxurious. The room was dimly lit with twinkling candles and soft music playing. Kirsten left the room while I changed and made myself comfortable on the treatment bed, which had already been warmed with an electric blanket underneath the towel which was instantly relaxing as I lay down. My first hour was to be the Tranquility Body Massage which is a full body massage using Comfort Zone’s Tranquility blend of aromatic and nourishing natural oils and extracts in a delicate jojoba base for a complete experience of wellbeing for the mind and body. The massage began with my legs before moving upwards to my back, neck and shoulders, where I store most of my tension. The Tranquility blend is a complete sensorial experience and within minutes I felt myself sinking into a deep state of relaxation. All the knots in my muscles, particularly at the tops of my shoulders, loosened and the tension fell away. When I turned over my whole body felt soothed and we were only half way through! Fully body massage is just that and even your fingers and toes receive a relaxing massage. By the time the hour was up my entire body felt as though it were floating above the bed and my whole body soothed.

The facial included a whole series of different treatments, techniques and massages. I love the way the hot cloth feels on your face and the head massage was the most amazing experience I have ever had at the hands of a therapist - there was a part of it where my hair was tugged firmly which gave the sensation of your face being completely uplifted, but the movements were so gentle that it was totally relaxing…my whole face relaxed and I felt all the muscles in my forehead, around my eyes, cheeks and chin loosen. Each part of the facial followed naturally onto the next and by the time we finished I felt like I had literally been transformed. Kirsten fetched me some water and told me to relax and meet her at reception when I was ready. I didn’t want to leave and lay still for a few moments allowing myself to bask in the feeling of complete rejuvenation. My entire body felt nurtured and my skin was as soft and smooth as silk. My face felt like it was glowing and when I looked in the mirror I was totally shocked to see that there were no lines on my forehead, no wrinkles around my eyes and my whole face looked brighter and completely lifted. My cheeks felt bouncy (like they once did when I was twenty something!).

I floated back down to reception and the girls on FOH commented on how beautiful my skin looked… I felt like a million dollar movie star, pampered from head to toe.

I’ve never had regular beauty treatments before and always scoffed when therapists would suggest regular facials and massage treatments, but after experiencing this I can truly see that if you were to have these at least once a month you would maintain that look and feel. In the midst of madness that is life, taking time out for yourself is not just a luxury, its a necessity. Achieving optimum wellbeing is holistic - exercise and healthy eating is part of that but nurturing your body and looking after your skin is just as important. For such a small investment from your time and money, as I discovered, the results are just amazing."

Thanks Shelley for sharing your story with us, we hope you continue feeling like a million dollars when you return to visit Obsession in the future. 

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