How Four Oaks are helping Harry’s Mom
11th November 2013
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His Mom Georgie understands how a diagnosis of cancer can affect your life and family.

With endless hospital appointments or stays in hospital, complete normal  family routine disrupted and for lots of people the huge financial implications that such an illness inflicts – especially for home owners and those having to leave employment due to their own illness or becoming a carer for a loved one….and that’s without the emotional stress of such a journey.

That’s exactly why Georgie helped set up HelpHarryHelpOthers  and is structured so that they can focus on where there is a lack of support for families affected by cancer.

So with that in mind Georgie has partnered with some amazing companies including Four Oaks Financial Services Four Oaks Financial Services to offer some Free of Charge services that families affected by cancer can use under the ‘HelpCope’ scheme.

So if you have been affected like Harry’s Mom why not give the team at Four Oaks Financial Services a call and see if they are able to help you.

Contact Martin on 01543 401029

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