Heaven Scent Bliss 2012 Spiritual Fitness curriculum
3rd July 2012
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10/7/12 Aura reading and rebalancing – bring a dowser if you have one.

17/7/12 Sea Shell Healing, Atlantis and Lemuria – bring your own seashells if you have them.

24/7/12 Past Life Nets and Pyramid Healing bring dowsers and pyramids if you have them.

31/7/12 Wand making and using – any wood/ crystals that resonate with you.

7/8/12 Psychometry and Sacred Geometry.

14/8/12 The Mayans 2012 and Beyond- the Spiritual Revolution.

21/8/12 Belly Dancing – just wear comfortable clothes and noisy jewellery.

28/8/12 Chakra rebalancing and shining – bring a dowser if you have one We will be using a combination of crystals, focus fix cards, guidance cards and magnets.

4/9/12 Meet at HSB or at Rodbaston college for outdoors Shamanic Healing- any tree witnesses, acorns, pine cones, sea shells, essential oils, essences plus what we find naturally at this beautiful arboretum.


We will meet at 7-9 at Heaven Scent Bliss £5 per session.


42 Grange Crescent



ST19 5LU


Massage, Aromatherapy, Health Kinesiology, Reflexology, Reiki, Sekhem, Indian Head Massage, Hopi Ear Candles, Crystal Therapy, Essences, Sea Shell Healing, Tree Spirit Healing, Belly Dancing Workshops and Training




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