Getting Ready for Christmas
15th November 2013
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For some families, there is a lot to think about in the run up to Christmas. If you just take an hour or two over the weekend to make your lists, get dates entered into your diary (school carol service, works Christmas dinner etc), and decide where you will need to be and when, you will feel SO much more on top of things.

You can then just keep updating your lists, either adding new things on or ticking off those tasks that you have sorted (that's the best bit!).

Also don’t think you have to deal with all of it on your own.  Delegate early.  Think of a role that others can play – let your husband choose wine and drinks?  Look into travel plans?  Let them think up a surprise for the family?

What are the most time consuming tasks? Writing cards is certainly one of them. Do you still need to send cards?  Perhaps a nicely designed e-card would work well instead and you could donate the money you would have spent on cards and stamps to charity instead. If you are posting cards then is your address book up to date? Could the kids type up the addresses into Word and then you can print off mailing labels?  This saves a lot of time in the long run.

Buying presents is so much easier now with online shopping or simply finding ideas online then going out and buying them. Keep your pressie lists with you at all times so you can buy the odd thing now and again and tick it off.  If you are running out of ideas for the 'people who have everything', take a look at something like the Good Gift Guide ( where your money goes to help all sorts of people in need across the world.

Meal planning - most of the supermarkets have great ideas in the Christmas editions of their magazines so collect a few of those and try something new.  If you have lots of visitors, perhaps you could ask them to contribute their favourite dish rather than you having to cook everything.

Decorations - so many shops sell lovely decorations now but it is best to check through what you have already and see if anything really does need updating before splashing out on lots of new things.

Prepare some quizzes and fun activities so that you are not just sitting watching the telly over Christmas.  There are lots of pre-prepared ones online, and some great sets in the stocking filler sections of shops like John Lewis.

Take a look at the 'What's On' guides locally (including on The Best Of website!) so that you have a few outings planned.  There are loads of free activities to take part in.

So, don't panic...just spend a bit of time thinking it through and get the Christmas that you want.

(Mission Accomplished can help with all sorts of things if you just don't have the time.)

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