Fradley junction cycle ride Sunday 5th June.
1st June 2011
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Lichfield District Council, in partnership with North Lichfield Initiative, Freedom Cycles and Staffordshire County Council, is inviting people of all ages to enjoy a free cycle ride to Fradley Junction and back on Sunday 5 June 2011. 


The new season of free cycle rides launched under the new name of ‘Cycle Rides for All’ on Sunday 1 May, when cycle leaders guided a group of 26 cyclists to Whittington and back. 

This June’s ride will be a ten-mile ride to Fradley at a gentle pace, with plenty of stops along the way. Everyone is welcome to join in, no matter their age or cycling ability. 

Jerry Trill, Planning Officer at Lichfield District Council, said: “It was great to launch the new season of Cycle Rides for All in May. We had a brilliant ride to Swan Park in Whittington. Everyone is welcome to join us on Sunday, but if you can’t make it to this ride, there are plenty more in the series. We’ll be going to Whittington in July, and will have more challenging rides to Chasewater Country Park and Barton Marina later in the summer.” 


The Cycle Rides for All take place on the first Sunday of every month until the final ride of the season on Sunday 2 October. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.


“If you want to join us on the Fradley ride, just bring your bicycle, safety helmet, a picnic and yourself to Freedom Cycles in Lichfield at 10am on Sunday 5 June. If you don’t have a bike, you can borrow one of four new bikes that Staffordshire County Council has kindly loaned to us for the rides. Just call Just call Freedom Cycles on 01543 411633 to book a bike for free,” added Jerry. 


The free rides take place on the first Sunday of every month: 


5 June to Fradley Junction (10 miles)

3 July to Whittington (12 miles)

7 August to Chasewater Country Park (18 miles)

4 September to Barton Marina (20 miles)

2 October to Fradley Junction (10 miles)


For more information, please telephone Freedom Cycles on 01543 411633 or Jigsaw on 01543 253666.


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