Food Assembly - what are they ?
22nd August 2017
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As you know, many people would like to consume differently.
As you also know, we have some extraordinary farmers and craftsmen around here.
And you know what, the Food Assemblies allow consumers and producers to gather!

This website connects groups of citizens (the "Assemblies") with Producers in their region. When you are a Member of an Assembly, you can order directly on the website. You buy whatever you want, whenever you want. Once a week, the community gathers in a fixed location. You have the opportunity to pick up your products, to talk with people from the neighbourhood and to meet the ones who produce your food!

The Lichfield Food Assembly is hoping to launch on 21st September and will operate on a Thursday from Hunnypot Cottage based at Heart of the Country Shopping Village between 2.00 pm and 6.30 pm.

To find out more register here.

Follow them on Facebook at Lichfield Food Assembly.

Now that's why I call Buying Local.

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