Finally a No Nonsense, No Gimmick, way to Eat Healthy.
18th June 2013
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Hi my name is Simon Smith but everyone calls me Smithy, apart from my Dad who calls me Fatboy, Billy or Burt!

I have been a  Personal Trainer for 7 years and I love my job. However, I'm not a massive fan of my industry as it is full of people with little knowledge, who are trying to promote commercial shakes, celebrity diet fads or a diet plan that will promise you will lose  a stone in a week or you will get your money back!

In addition, promises are made that within 28 days a routine will result in guys looking like Peter Andre in the 90's or girls looking like Elle Macpherson does today.

Well sorry to disappoint you but you will fail to achieve anything of significance in 28 days.

I've already mentioned my Dad, so I'm going to use one of my Gran and Grams sayings to describe these plans. 'It's like building a house in foundations of sand'. Dieting and training, like building a house, require SOLID foundations, in order to be successful.
With this blog I want to give you a little bit of info on healthy eating  The only cost to you is time.

I'm not guaranteeing that this will work for you, as with my current PT clients we are all looking for different requirements, so everyone of us may need a slightly different eating routine - apart from those who may have certain medical needs we can all get the correct nutrition from natural food sources.
There is no requirement for any processed ready meals. "If it comes from a plant it's good to eat.
But ,if it's MADE in a plant Stay away!!
Back to Basics. Wholesome is best. No doubt about that! 

My philosophy on healthy eating is based on the Food Pyramid Principal. Confused? You needn't be.

If you would like further advice without any commitment please feel free to send me an email to:


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My name is Simon Smith and I want to get the people of Lichfield fit and healthy. And have fun doing it.

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