Ever wondered what all the fuss was about Sourdough?
2nd September 2020
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If I’m honest I don’t eat a lot of bread unlike the other half who can’t go a day without bread of some form or shape!

But I am hooked on Sourdough, which I have learned can be different on taste you can have sweet or savoury, shape basically anything goes, the crust can be soft and chewy or crisp and crunchy and even the texture can range from tight and regular to open and irregular.

When I found out it was #SourdoughSeptember I got really excited.

The Real Bread Campaign’s 8th international celebration of the oldest way of leavening a loaf is underway. This year’s focus is on the diversity of bread that can be made with just three ingredients, and of the people who bake it.

Real Bread Campaign coordinator Chris Young, who created and runs the annual event, said: “Sourdough isn’t a look, taste or style. Any bread that can be made with baker’s yeast can be made using a sourdough starter, and then some. We’re encouraging people who’ve only tasted one type of loaf sold as sourdough to try others from a Real Bread bakery, supporting an amazing local business in the process, or bake their own at home.” *

With that in mind I’ve booked a course called ‘Bamber your Starter for 10’ with the fabulous Hunnypot Cottage Bakery (now that courses have resumed.)

On this course they teach you how to make your own starter and how to care for it etc.  At the moment the different types of starters, from stiff, to poolish and sponge confuse me – but Ruth assures me I will leave the course knowing the difference and when to use which one.

Ruth is a proud supporter of The Real Bread Campaign which means their bread is made without the use of processing aids or any other artificial additives. It won’t last for days at the back of the breadbin but it will taste better than anything brought from a shop & to be honest in our house it doesn’t last a day anyway!

If you are going to include bread in your diet then make sure it’s one made with love, locally and free from any nasties!

Book your course today.

Find out more about Hunnypot Cottage Bakery and all that they have to offer.







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