Ensure Your Car is Safe for Winter
13th January 2017
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As the nights draw longer and the temperature drops, it’s not always a nice condition to drive in. As cars spend the majority of their time outdoors, they need to be well looked after to ensure they are safe to drive when winter hits us hard.

Driving in harsh winter conditions can be daunting, to both novice and knowledgeable drivers alike. To put your mind at peace, it’s best to prepare for the worst and make sure your car is ready for winter.

Here are some things you can do to help you and your car survive winter:

Check your Tyres:

Different tyres can adapt to different terrains and surfaces. Some tyres will cope better through heavy snow, while others don’t like it at all. If investing in suitable tyres is an option, then it’s best to do it. If it’s not, you can monitor your tyres to ensure they aren’t damaged and can survive through thin and thick.

Work Those Lights:

As the nights draw in earlier, most of us will find ourselves driving in the dark when driving both to and from work. Making sure your lights are working well is a no-brainer and of course incredibly essential!  It’s also crucial when driving through snow.

Be Kind to Your Battery:

The cold weather can be cruel and will often be hard for your battery, as the harsher driving conditions require it to work harder. Get the battery checked out and be gentler on it by trying to preserve the power. As it’s working extra hard, don’t let it overload.

Watch your Windscreen:

If your windscreen isn’t in good condition, then driving could be dangerous. It’s important to keep it in as best condition as possible. During winter, it’s important to keep it clean at all times, as you can face a fine if you don’t. Windscreen wipers need to be in tip top condition especially.

St. John Street Garage in Lichfield can help prepare your car for winter and make sure it’s safe for you to drive in winter. Having been providing garage services for over 25 years in Lichfield, they know everything there is to know about looking after cars.

If you want to make sure your car is safe to drive during winter, call St John Street Garage on 01543 401047.


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