Does Someone You Know Need a Hero without the Cape?
9th May 2022
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Then you will all benefit from a hero without the cape!

A companion driver is a friendly, supportive and passionate person who can drive your friend or relative to their required destination, to make their life easier and better. 


Unlike a taxi driver, companion drivers knock on the door and provide much needed assistance and deliver the person safely back in their home on their return – even making them a cup of tea to ensure they are comfortable.

Kind and patient, a companion driver is often described as a “hero without a cape” as they work so hard to make other people’s lives better.

Your local companion driver in Lichfield is Leigh at Driving Miss Daisy who offers a wide range of services including: 

  • Helping older people maintain independence.
  • Taking children to/from after school activities.
  • Taking people to and from appointments/activities.
  • Carrying out prescription collections.
  • Assisting people with disabilities or specialist needs.
  • Offering a companionship service to lonely people.

If your relative or friend would benefit from the support services of Driving Miss Daisy, why not give them a call today to discuss the help you need. Contact Leigh on 01543 401046.


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