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15th November 2021
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But finding the right gym can be daunting. It’s very easy to make a mistake and choose the wrong one after you’ve paid out membership - so we have come up with some great tips on how to choose the right gym:

  • Consider your goal – is it simply to get fit, lose weight or tone up or do you want a more social aspect.  In this case a larger gym maybe more suitable for you.
  • Are you self-conscious when exercising? If so, a smaller gym might be more appropriate.
  • Motivate the unmotivated? If you are unmotivated, look at the ratio of staff to people using the gym. Does the gym offer personal training or fitness classes to help spur you on?
  • Good range of equipment - most gyms have an excellent range of fitness equipment that will enable a full body work out. Some have a greater selection of entertainment options (TV, videos, etc.) so this may be worth considering.
  • Is it too busy?  Find out how busy the gym gets during the times that you would like to go. 
  • Does it fit in to your routine? Is the gym close enough to home or work and what are the opening hours? If it is not easy to get to, then you will never go.

Phase2Gym in Lichfield is one gym that welcomes new members, and every person is met with a smile and positive energy. Offering real community spirit, Phase2Gym has excellent facilities and highly regarded, experienced coaches.

Whether you prefer to get yourself fit using gym equipment or you are happier joining a fitness class, Phase2Gym offers something for everyone.

Fancy learning something new? Phase2Gym offer kick boxing courses open to members and non-members alike.

Why not visit Phase2Gym today and see what they offer.  It is run by a great team who really care about your fitness.

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