Darnford Park woodland management
23rd January 2012
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Darnford Park separates Boley Park from the A38 on the eastern side of Lichfield. The woodland within the park has been growing unchecked for years, and is now in need of some attention. 


A team from James Tonks Tree Surgery, a Shenstone company, began work this January to thin the woodland. The work will mean the remaining trees can grow larger and stronger, and will also help woodland plants and flowers to grow, as they will get more much-needed light. 


The woodland thinning is the first phase of works proposed for the park, with further improvements scheduled for later in the spring.


The woodland thinning at Darnford Park is just the beginning of improvement works for the park. The council’s tree officers and parks team have secured more than £100,000 in grants to fund these works, including a grant of £77,555 from the Forestry Commission.

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