Choosing the right driving instructor
2nd April 2013
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Here are a few top tips from Andy Wall our well loved driving instructor here in Lichfield.

Andy can be seen driving around town in his Mercedes 'A' class, yes really, so give him a wave he really is a friendly chap! 

As with anything you get what you pay for, an hours lesson should be just that a full hour not 40 mins, with 20 mins instruction on 'how to' & don't get me started on filling up the car!!

So beware the ones that seem too good to be true, they probably are.

Find someone that you trust & respect & more importantly that respects you and is willing to teach you at your pace. Some people take to it really quickly & could be ready in 15 or 20 lessons, whilst others may take a little longer.

Beware the offers of 30 lessons or more for £££££. You maybe ready in 20 or less!

Finally ask to see their credentials make sure you are with a fully qualified instructor or ask for a reduction if they are still training!

Even better ask for recommendations from their past pupils, they are the ones who will give you an honest opinion!

Good luck & remember stay safe out there.

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