Blood on the Stones, Anglo Saxons and Cathedral Under Siege! - Lichfield Cathedral tour season gets underway
26th April 2012
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Tours around Lichfield Cathedral

The Guild of Guides and Welcomers of Lichfield Cathedral in conjunction with Acting Dean (and soon to be Dean of Liverpool), Canon Pete Wilcox, have developed a series of refreshing new Cathedral tours for 2012.


These tours, with themes for all tastes, are ideal for friends and family visiting the area this summer. Whether visitors are intrigued by the Cathedral as a place of worship, of history or of beauty, they are sure to be inspired.


Tour content and dates are as follows:


Inside Cathedral Tours (2pm)        

£5.40 per person


Anglo Saxon:

Experience the origins of Lichfield Cathedral through the eyes of an Anglo Saxon. Marvel at the Cathedral’s own exquisite treasures – the St Chad Gospels and the Lichfield Angel.


Dates: Wednesday 2 May, Tuesday 17 July, Tuesday 21 August and Friday 14 September


Blood on the Stones - a Civil War tour:

Experience the devastation and restoration of Lichfield Cathedral during the sieges of 1643 and 1646.


Dates: Wednesday 6 June, Thursday 16 August, Tuesday 18 September, Thursday 27 September.      


Outside Cathedral Tours (2pm)                

£5.40 per person


Cathedral Under Siege:

A tour of the Close and surrounding area with a Civil War focus.


Dates: Saturday 12 May, Thursday 14 June and Tuesday 10 July.


The Cathedral Close: 

Visit the Medieval Close surrounding Lichfield Cathedral and discover its past and present.


Dates: Thursday 24 May, Wednesday 20 June, Saturday 14 July and Saturday 18 August.


Library Tours (10.30am)

£9.00 per person


Join us for the Turning the Pages of History library tours – new for 2012. Explore the hidden treasures of the historical library, built in 1249.


17th century (featuring the Duchess of Somerset’s bequest): Saturday 12 May, Saturday 9 June, Saturday 21 July, Saturday 22 September and Wednesday 2 October.


For more information contact Lichfield Cathedral 01543 306100

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