Autumn Approaches at the Lichfield Garden Centre
2nd September 2020
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If your hanging baskets are looking tired and straggly, now is the time to replant for winter into spring - better still, why not let us refill them for you?

Our refill service is now available - simply bring in your empty baskets, leave them with us for a few weeks and we'll replant using a great mix of mini shrubs, colourful patio plants like pansy & viola, and even spring flowering bulbs!

See their webpage for prices and options, or give them a call.

Seasonal Shrubs
Their range of autumn shrubs is now in stock. A choice of Evergreen and non-evergreen varieties to give structure and form in your borders.

Priced from £9.99. Includes Berberis, Viburnum, Escallonia, Physocarpus, Cornus and many more.

Check out their special offer on pots right here

Plant those bulbs...

The bulb display is now set up, with all the regulars like Dwarf Daffodils, Crocus and Hyacinth - as well as some new varieties to try for Spring 2021.

Looking for a bulb gift? Try 'Anniversary Gift' Narcissus, or Tulip 'Friendship' as great named varieties. Give them now, or plant them yourself and gift them in the spring.

They also have all the old favourites, bulb fibre compost, planters and more - our bulb shop is now located in the covered area as they make space for Christmas.


Focus on Alliums
Allium 'Graceful Beauty' is the Bulb of the Year 2020. Plant them NOW for lovely pastel 'drumsticks'of flower from late May 
- £2.99 a pack. 

They also have Alliums you can buy loose at just 50p a bulb - Choose from 'Purple Sensation', Nigrum, Christophii and Aflatunenese.

These will reach around 2-3ft depending on variety and look great planted in clumps in the cottage garden border.

They even have Allium Gift Bags, as pictured below (£7.99)

Happy Heathers
Bring instant colour to your autumn display by using
Heather 'Garden Girls' 

Here, 3 small 'plug' plants have been planted into one single pot to grow together and give a trio of foliage colour.

These are hardy and suited to window boxes & pots -
Garden Girls will also flower in the summer months too.



Priced from £3.99.

Get Fruity
Fruit Trees are due into us mid September.
They use Frank Matthews Nurseries, based in Worcestershire (the heart of fruit growing), and have a selection of Apples, Pears & Cherries coming in to give you juicy crops in just a couple of years.


For smaller gardens, many of their varieties are on a dwarf root system (or rootstock), meaning they won't grow much more than 10-12 ft - in some cases only reaching 6ft.

We also have a limited number of 'Family' apple trees coming in. These have 3 Varieties on one tree! This means you only need one tree as each stem will cross pollinate the others. Great for those with limited space.

With each fruit tree purchase, make sure you get a free copy of Frank Matthews Fruit Tree growing handbook - just ask a member of staff for your copy.

Border Patrol...
September is a good time to tidy up your perennial borders - lots of plants will have become untidy and straggly over the last few months.

Chop them back and take out any old flower stems - in the next month or two, these can be cut down to ground level ready for the winter.

Now's also a good time to apply a feed - try Chicken Manure or a powdered feed like Fish Blood & Bonemeal to strengthen your plants for next year.

September Top Tip
Feed acid loving plants like Camellia, Azalea, & Rhododendrons with Sequestered Iron and keep them well watered this month.

They all start to form buds in September for the following spring, and if they dry out or go hungry now, the flowers will not form correctly and may fall prematurely. 

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