5 Reasons to Spray Paint your Kitchen Doors
17th January 2022
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Has the colour of your kitchen units faded or waned over time? 

Breathing new life into your kitchen doesn’t have to mean purchasing a brand-new kitchen, you could consider having it professionally spray painted – a process that has benefited many homes in Lichfield for many reasons: 

  1. Cost – having your kitchen doors spray painted can save you a lot of money when you compare it to buying brand new units.  This gives you more money to spend elsewhere.
  2. Excellent Results– when done correctly, professional spraying looks amazing and your units will not look like they have been painted.
  3. Speed – respraying the surface of the kitchen doors to create a newly coloured, high-quality finish, is a lot quicker than having a new kitchen installed.
  4. Choice of colours – there are a huge array of colours and shades available to you to choose from.   Colours can also be matched if you like the existing colour of your kitchen.
  5. Used anywhere – spray painting can be carried out on kitchen units, doors, cornices, panels, worktops, drawer fronts and more!
Shades Decorators & Spray Finishes in Lichfield offer an excellent kitchen refinishing service where they can remove your kitchen doors and drawers and professionally spray them at their workshop (in the colour and sheen level of your choice) before returning them and installing them in your home.

Why not get in touch for a FREE quotation and give your kitchen a fresh new look.

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