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A RARE first pressing of The Beatles’ iconic 1966 LP Revolver is coming up to auction in Lichfield.
Reunion in Germany 31 years ago this week saw submariners present Navy rescuers with plaques. Archive contains hours of reading and is a ‘special capsule’ of both sides of WW2.
If you’re looking for a way to entertain the children this summer holiday, why not do something a little bit different?
Comic Con has become a very popular event in the UK and sees many attendees dressing up as their favourite characters from pop culture. So where in Lichfield can you find a costume?
Check out the Christmas themed shows at the Lichfield Garrick during the festive period this year.
The summer may be fading away from us, but that doesn't mean the fun doesn't stop in Lichfield. Check out all that's to look forward to this weekend.
Plenty is happening in Lichfield this weekend, such as the Georgian Festival, the critically acclaimed The Woman in Black, the Cockles' Charity Ball and much more!
From the Autumn Beer Festival to a Charity Karting Day to the highly anticipated Lichfield Proms, there is so much going on in Lichfield this weekend!
The school holidays have begun and are starting off with a bang, with an exciting weekend of activities lined up in Lichfield.
Why not pop down to Pom's for their special Fizz Friday deal? Or catch the latest show at the Garrick - Cheshire Cats? As always, there's lots of fun to be had this weekend.
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