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The NASH Project (Next Adventure Starts Here) is an event where people can share their experiences with mental health issues.
Do you have a beautiful smile? Or do you shy away from the camera?
Tickets now available to see Sheila’s M.H.S Mental Health Show at Lichfield Garrick Theatre
If you are aged 11 to 25, why not take part in circuit sessions at Sainte Foy Recreation Area this summer for free!
The purpose of this day is to find all the head lice and zap them in one fell swoop!
How can we become more " mindful" and have a happier life
You know how important it is to have a regular eye check, but how often do you take the time to make that appointment?
Want to improve your health , or ease your conscious about eating meat? I went vegan for a month, read more about my "Veganuary" challenge
The Best of Lichfield has some great ideas as well as 3 fascinating facts you may not know about Valentine’s Day
Today it was reported that four out of five people who started a diet for the New Year will have given up by today (Sky News) – has that happened to you?
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