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12th July 2015
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Running a business is tough…fact! Not only is running a business hard work but it also an emotional rollercoaster to say the least. As a fellow business owner I have been looking at ways in which I can make life that little bit easier for myself and I thought I should share this with you too.

Caveat 1: The following list has been derived from a number of sources primarily from pod casts and YouTube videos I listen to and watch religiously.

Caveat 2: I have not tried all of these life hacks myself but over time I hope to do so and see how they work.

Productivity Hack 1 – Optimise the setting for your mouse / track pad. Different devices will offer a number of optimisation settings and although it may take an hour or two to get used to your new settings it will help you be more productive in the long run.

Productivity Hack 2 – Get yourself Alfred App this app will increase your productivity levels once you start getting used to it. It allows you to launch absolutely anything on your MAC computer. Down side is this app is only available on the MAC however there are Windows alternatives from Windows 2007 onwards but not as sophisticated as Alfred App. Other cross platform options are and SlickRun on windows:

Productivity Hack 3 – If Facebook is a distraction for you during your working day then download the Chrome extension called “Facebook newsfeed eradicator”. This extension blocks the content on your newsfeed and so allows you to spend more time working and less time ‘liking’ the images of what your friends had for dinner last night.

This final hack is a little controversial because here at thebestofleicester we showcase Leicester’s best business across multiple platforms including Facebook. For that reason I want everyone to see their newsfeed of course. At the same time I do understand how distracting Facebook and other social media platforms can be and so it could prove to be useful for some people.

More productivity hacks to follow!

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