Willie Thorne Meets Rainbows Young Artists
30th September 2009
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Winners of the Rainbows School Colouring Competition from across the East Midlands gathered at Rainbows on the 21st September to meet Willie Thorne and see their prize winning artwork in situ.

“Over 1,000 entries from 40 schools were received for our first Rainbows School Colouring Competition,” said Patricia Brookes, Director of Fundraising at Rainbows.  “Willie Thorne, one of our patrons, judged the competition and came back to meet some of the winners and see the artwork up and in place.”

Says Willie, “It was such fun to look through all the pictures.  They were very colourful and it was obvious that a lot of time had been spent on each one.  It was very difficult choosing the winners, but I got there after a lot of deliberation and a little help!  It was  really good to meet the winners and to see their artwork up at Rainbows.”

Rainbows staff and volunteers helped Willie to choose a winner and a runner up for each year – from Reception to Year 9, with one overall winner being chosen and a ‘Special Merit’ prize also awarded. 

The winning pictures have been made into large signage which is decorating the building site fences of Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People.  Adds Patricia, “We are in the mid stages of building our big extension and instead of having plain site signage we asked school children from around the East Midlands to create a colourful drawing to brighten up our building site.  The response was fantastic and the site looks much better now”
A full list of all the winners and runner up’s is as follows:

Winner - Oliver Dudek, Sacred Heart, Leicestershire

Year 1:
Runner Up - Victoria McDermott, Sacred Heart, Leicestershire

Year 3:
Winner – Lauren Weatherall, Townlands Primary, Leicestershire
Runner Up – Jami-Lei Garbett, All Saints, Leicestershire

Year 5:
Winner - Charlie Perkins, Long Whatton, Leicestershire
Runner Up – Niamh Petty, Sacred Heart, Leicestershire

Year 7:
Winner – Eve Pigov, Heathfield High, Leicestershire
Runner Up – Daniel Atkinsorotan, Garendon High, Leicestershire

Year 8:
Winner - Emmeline Harkin, Garendon High, Leicestershire
Runner Up – Kimberley Foster, Garendon High, Leicestershire

Year 9:
Winner – Joe Cooke, Redmoor High, Leicestershire
Runner Up – Charlotte Tait, Thomas Eastley Collage, Leicestershire

Special Needs Schools:
Winner - Kieran Pinsent, Westgate, Leicestershire
Runner Up – Harry Glyde-Wordley, Westgate, Leicestershire

Overall Winner – Lauren Weatherall, Townlands Primary, Leicestershire

Special Merit Prize
Class Mosaics, Croxton Kerrial, Lincolnshire

Year 2:
Winner – Ethan CarrickMaguire, Hadden Primary, Nottinghamshire

Year 4:
Winner – Robin Hankins, Haddon Primary, Nottinghamshire

Runner Up – Jordan Hartley, Pottery Primary, Derbyshire

Year 1:
Winner – Natasha Monks, Dinting CofE, Derbyshire

Year 2:
Runner Up – Thomas Ratcliffe, Pottery Primary, Derbyshire

Year 3:
Runner Up – Brooklyn Nagel, Kensington Junior, Derbyshire

Year 6:
Winner – Hannah Hayes, Kensington Junior, Derbyshire
Runner Up – Courtney Gesthorpe, Drawcott Primary, Derbyshire

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