Why rent your kitchen appliances?
16th January 2012
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We all know that times are tough for everyone so when a kitchen appliance goes wrong, it is never the right time, financially, to replace these items. With the “Eco” message being important nowadays, it can certainly be beneficial going for an appliance that uses less electricity and less water as this can reduce your energy bills. The other main advantage is that on the more efficient models they tend to be more robust and quieter running than a basic model.

 So why hasn’t everyone got super energy efficient appliances then? It is a basic fact that they can cost more in the first place to buy.

 This is why at Lords Electrical, we have a rental scheme in place where you can rent a more efficient appliance for very little outlay. We rent most appliances in the kitchen from the Washing machine, dishwasher and tumble dryer, to a fridge freezer and of course a flat screen tv. The main advantage of renting is you don’t have to find hundreds of pounds to buy the appliance. Peace of mind is also guaranteed that should anything go wrong with the appliance it is covered for an engineer to come and repair it for you. After 18 months you are more than welcome to update it for a newer version which may be even more efficient. We start from around £3.50 a week for a washing machine and we will deliver and install free in the Leicestershire area.


To find out more about renting your electrical appliances give us a call today on 0116 278 5033

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