Why, How & What - sets you apart from your competitors?
14th June 2015
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"We provide great customer service".... "Our product/service is of excellent quality"..."We have been established for over X Years"... "We always put our customers first"...

Ever since re-launching thebestofleicester back in October 2014, a marketing company showcasing Leicester's very best local businesses, I have had the opportunity to meet with many business professionals from in and around Leicester. During initial discovery meetings with many of these business owners a question I will always aim to ask is.... "So Mr/Mrs prospect, can you tell me what it is that makes your business unique?" And so when I hear responses such as the ones listed above it makes me think one of two things.. a) The client did not understand the question... b) They truly believe there is nothing unique about their business.

So in order to help business owners identify their USP / UMP I have listed links to content which I am sure will help! They sure did help me.



If you want know what makes thebestofleicester a completely unique marketing proposition please do get in touch.

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