Why Detox Our Bodies? Leicester Expert Explains In detail
22nd April 2009
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A word about Detoxing for April 2009

What is and why do we need to detox?

Detoxing is the process of clearing toxins from the body, clearing excess mucus and congestion from the colon.

The problem is man's digestive system hasn't altered much in 1000's of years but our diets and external pollution has changed dramatically. We rely on our body to deal with these toxins. All the refined sugar, white flour, hormone/antibiotics-filled meats we eat. We might as well be assaulting our bodies. In the USA colon cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer. Who doesn't have or know someone with digestive complaints like poor digestion, slow transit & IBS to mention a few problems there are many more!

Detoxing involves dietary and lifestyle changes which reduce intake of toxins and improve elimination. Avoidance of chemicals, from food or other sources, refined food, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, and many drugs helps minimize the toxins in your system. Those lifestyle changes are a direct result of choices you make in your life.

So how can Colonic irrigation/hydrotherapy help? With 3 colonic treatments in close succession you can start remove these toxins from your system and start to help to re-educate your digestive system. This also avoids some of the nastier side effects of some of the detoxing diets you read about like spotty skin, bad breath. In fact regular colonics can help with these.

Ok on a lighter note, we are opening a new treatment room in South Wigston, on the 25th May 2009 and in Leicester city centre in the next few months and adding several new treatments including Deep Colon massage and Cellulite reduction. All these treatments are also available at our Oadby treatment rooms.




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