When You Get your Marketing Right People Just Appear Everywhere
4th January 2012
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Why is it that people suddenly appear in the strangest places? Coincidence is there such a thing?


Have you ever decided to buy a certain kind of car and suddenly there are hundreds of them passing you every day? This can be classed as coincidence or as many people understand it's more an awareness thing its being open to the opportunity of it.


Do you remember the unlucky guy in Paul McKenna's programme about the "Lucky Dog Statue"? His problem wasn't about being unlucky but not being open to the idea that good luck was all around him until he became aware of it. The same happens for the car above and for business opportunities to grow. You have to take action to create the interest then you have to be open to the possibilities of the business coming in.


I have as you are probably aware been taking action to interact with many Leicester businesses through ....... Read more Here

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