This Is Just A Quick Poll By Takeover Radio About Haunted Leicester Around This Halloween... Spooky
27th October 2009
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Do you know any places with actual ghost sightings in Leicester??
Christine French
guilde hall, braunstone hall,

Lee Chambo
abbey park

James Barnes
braustone hall hahahaha my mate got shit up in there :P

Kirsty Benstead
Guild hall apparently most haunted place in leicester x

Donna Baker Longstaff
Yeah my house where i live

Amy Evans
Belgrave hall

Luke Woolford
the most famous place is belgrave hall!!!!!!

Laura Jayne Corrall
I swear my house has a family living there. They come out to play at night when I sit alone watching t.v so I get scared. Not good I tell ya!

Kirsty Benstead
Yh they really do exist i live on my own but sumtimes my house smells like a man has got ready here dont no wot its al about x

Ernie Redtongue
friar lane & the guildhall. also the old railway line that now a footpath!!!

Lorna Palmer
braunstone hall

Cherise Kayla Hayes
guildhall? me and my mate got a picture there and there's this white thing behind us, but maybe our mind is just playing tricks on us lol! xx

Dan Jones
Vue cinema =]
We have a lil girl,old guy who watches films
And an old women in screen 5...which is y it sumtimes randomly smells of lavendar ;)

Johny Millo Millington
talbot pub

Cherise Kayla Hayes
The Vue cinema in meridian?

Dan Jones
Yep =D

Sandeep Kaur
Ive seen 2 one at mayflower junior school i was 10 and 1 at church langton freaky

Cherise Kayla Hayes
Oh god! haha i go there all the time :S

Dan Jones
Dw there harmless =]
N there only really around in the really late showings

Cherise Kayla Hayes
Oh good good :P

Dan Jones

Johny Millo Millington
1 min iv got a full pint the nxt i aint,no seriously the radio and t.v. are always down there and ghost hunters.some right dodgy stuff goes on,write talbot pub on net and see what comes up

Heather Bhukera
Belgrave hall

Toni Candy
Belgravetand braunstone hall and the old train museum down abbey lane

Becks Louise Doody
yeh belgrave hall on thurcaston road n st peters church nxt doorn tabolt pub n also braunstone hall and the park keepers house at the top of braunstone park

Scott Cannonball Lovett
theres a ghost that floats in side the pumping station on corporation rd i've seen it late at nite he was killed there wen it was a workin station

Michelle Stokes
a place near the north brige taven pub that was haunted once..x

Becks Louise Doody
yes the pumping staition is a bit eery!

Bhavneeta Patel
has to be the shadey lane.

Bhavneeta Patel
google it. will tell you a real story of the dark roads.

Takeover Leicester
Does anyone know of the stories behind any of these haunted places??

Becks Louise Doody
braunstone hall had the winstanly family living there before it was a school and kids died there aparently and a maid fell down the stairs! the servant stairs wer soo creepy when i was at school there! they had the ghost busters in a few year ago and down the road from there is an old peoples home which is built on the grounds of a monestry and ... Read More

Theresa Allan
i dont belive in ghosts! lol x

Tricia Duggan
Christ the King primary school on Glenfield Road and Town Hall defo has ghosts

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