Simon Cole Appointed New Chief Constable For Leicestershire
15th June 2010
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As many of you may know I have as of Monday June 14 taken up my post as Chief Constable.

I’m genuinely thrilled to become Chief Constable of Leicestershire Constabulary.  I did much of my growing up in the county and that means that this is a sort of homecoming for me.  I’m really looking forward to getting back to my roots and reacquainting myself with the area.

I think that it’s really important that I get to know the real Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland and I can’t do this by sitting behind my desk.  I shall be joining my officers to see what it is really like on the streets as well as meeting as many people as possible.

There are certainly many challenges ahead, the biggest one being the savings I know we must make due to the funding gap.  We can’t live beyond our means and we must work to ensure that we can balance the books.  However I am committed to ensuring that Leicestershire Constabulary continues to deliver an excellent service to the people it serves and represents good value for money.

To really make a difference in communities we do need your support.  The Force has been fortunate over the years to receive excellent backing from you, the people we serve, and I hope that this will continue. 


Simon Cole
Chief Constable
Leicestershire Constabulary

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