Save money in style with Energy Efficient Blinds
14th November 2015
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Keep the Winter Heating Blues Away


Winter is here and the thermostats are being cranked up. Heating can be quite expensive, and with the cost of Christmas to add in as well, saving whatever money you can becomes even more important. Fortunately, there are ways that you can minimise the cost of your heating.


The area of your home which has the biggest concentration of heat loss is the windows. Even over a small area, a huge amount of heat escapes through your windows. Not only does this mean you have to keep turning up the heating to compensate, but also contributes significantly to carbon dioxide emissions. With so much heat being lost through your house’s windows, it makes sense to find a way to seal the gaps. Double-glazing is a good first step but there is also another solution: blinds.


Blinds, like Barlow’s Blinds’ energy efficient ones, can insulate your home by keeping the colder air out whilst trapping the warmer air from your central heating inside. 40% less heat is lost through a single-glazed window with a blind fitted than without. In addition to this, CO2 from our houses accounts for 27% of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions, so having energy efficient blinds fitted will not only save heat, but they could also help reduce the UK’s carbon footprint.


They might be a long way away, but blinds can also be helpful in the warmer summer months. Just like how they can keep your house warm in winter, they can also keep you cool in summer by pushing out unwanted heat. As a result, there is less need for electric cooling systems or air conditioning, which can reduce your electricity costs. 


Your home is your castle. It has your own unique style and taste. Blinds are not only a simple energy-saving measure, but they also add vibrancy to your home. Our blinds are all made from energy-efficient material and are available in a range of different styles. At a time where we are all trying to be greener, energy saving blinds can be a stylish solution.


Saving money and style are both highly important. Energy-efficient blinds can help you with both, so contact Barlow’s Blinds for more information.    


Written and produced by D.Burton Editing.        

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