New Year New You
5th January 2016
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Making a New Year’s Resolution is something we all do at some point, but how many times have you gone back on those promises or struggled to maintain a change to your lifestyle? Fortunately, we have some helpful hints and tips to make sure your New Year’s Resolutions don’t fall through the cracks.


New Year should be a time for celebration, so do make having fun and enjoying yourself your main priority. Then, once all the champagne has been drunk and the mess from the party-poppers has been cleared away, that’s when you can really focus on your resolutions. When you’re making your resolutions, don’t go for wholesale changes. Start off small, and make sure you are certain you can manage your plans.


Many of us make several resolutions. For example, many of us want to exercise more regularly and give up alcohol amongst others. Making too many resolutions can actually lead to you being overwhelmed and because you’ve promised, the pressure to keep those promises may get too much. If you do decide to make more than one New Year’s Resolution, tackle them one at a time and you will soon see the benefits.


We often underestimate how much of a challenge lifestyle changes can be. In fact, sometimes, we make these decisions on the spur of the moment. Once you are committed to your resolution(s), don’t be ashamed to ask for help or support. A good way of doing this is by having one New Year’s Resolution for the whole family, for example, cutting out unhealthy snacks. A great supportive network will make the changes much easier to manage.


Above all, give yourself time. You will not see the benefits immediately, nor will it be a walk in the park (unless that’s what your resolution is of course!), so put together a list of ways you will work towards your goal. There might even be days where you go against your resolution, such as having a bar of chocolate when you are meant to be off it, but do not let these disrupt your progress.


Regardless of what your New Year’s Resolution is, good luck! Believe in yourself, and take your time, and the results will come!


Happy New Year!           

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