Networking Meetings Have A Magical Effect
27th July 2009
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When you talk to someone at one of our meetings, something magical happens. You’re immediately engaging in a conversation that will change your life! Now, you might be thinking that this sounds like overkill, but it is true. The degree of how much your life is changed is up to you; it could be that you get an update from a familiar acquaintance, a piece of knowledge is imparted that you didn’t know, or you make a brand new contact and store away their details for future reference. From these little life changes may come something greater; a piece of advice that alters whatever path you were going on, or the beginnings of what could be a massive business deal. If you view all these conversations as a positive ‘connection’, that you’re determined to take something, no matter how small, away from, then your experience will be so much better.

Just imagine what a different path your life could take the next day, if you hadn’t made that connection at a networking meeting.


Craig Bundy of The Leicester Business Club

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