Money Saving Motoring Tips
20th October 2016
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This is an opportune time to suggest a few money saving ideas.

For people looking to change their car/s buying a Hybrid car is fuel efficient, tax saving and ecologically sound. There are a number of other very low running cost vehicles available that are also fuel and tax efficient. Leicester’s Motor Dealerships will be happy to advise potential customers; the choice is up to you. Modern vehicles, other than Hybrids do have the benefit of very high tech engines and running gear, wheels etc., replacing your old car with a state-of-the-art modern vehicle can save a great deal of money.

Drive economically. Driving within speed limits is not only legally correct but doing so will save on fuel. Heavy right feet on accelerators will burn more fuel, so ease off, plan journeys so that you don’t have to race about, you might just enjoy the journey more too.

Shop around for fuel, there are lower prices to be had from some petrol stations, the difference that a few pence per litre can make does add up. Check out the loyalty cards too, points may mean prizes but if the fuel price is higher because of it then consider your options.

Shop around for insurance, be prepared to move insurance companies, staying with the same company for a long time probably means that you are paying too much. See what happens if you try to cancel and move on, you may be offered a discount to stay. Insurance companies do not have much loyalty to the customer, so why should you? Our local insurance brokering firms will happily advise you if you are confused about how to go about it.

A well maintained car will save you a lot of money. By the same token a poorly maintained car can cost you the earth. Vehicle servicing is a safety issue, however, it is also a money saving matter. Properly tuned engines do not waste fuel, they use less. Correctly inflated tyres will save money because the vehicle is using less fuel to move, too low or too high or unbalanced pressures in car tyres is unsafe and will damage the tyres – another expense – and increase running costs. Efficient vehicle servicing by a reliable top-line motor engineer can keep a motor vehicle running smoothly for many years, and this is totally cost effective because of the reduction in running costs. Because of the complexities of modern vehicles, they are best serviced by professionals due to the extensive computerisation employed, getting the servicing wrong could cost far more than any perceived savings achieved by sub-standard repairers.


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