March Monthly Business Survey Results From The British Chamber Of Commerce
18th May 2009
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Response Break Down

Responses were reasonably evenly distributed throughout the UK. There were 389 responses in total. Of the responses, the size break down of firms is as follows:

0-9 Employees: 51.4% of respondents
10-49 Employees: 29.3% of respondents
50-99 Employees: 9.0% of respondents
100-249 Employees: 5.4% of respondents
250-499 Employees: 2.1% of respondents
500+ Employees: 2.8% of respondents

Q1 - Wage Increases

The following were responses about wage setting decisions in 2009:

• 9.8% responded that increases will be up to 3 per cent.
• 6.7% responded that increases will be up to 2 per cent.
• 3.6% responded that increases will be up to 1 per cent.
• 57.6% responded that wages would be frozen.
• 11.8% responded that wages would be cut.

Q2 - Redundancies

Responses on redundancies were as follows:

• 11.8% stated that redundancies within the next six months are certain.
• 38.3% stated that redundancies over the next 6 months will be considered.
• 48.1% stated that redundancies were not an option.

Q3 - Working Hours

Asked about working hours over the next 6 months, responses were:

• 27.5% stated that working hours would increase over the next 6 months.
• 22.1% stated that they would decrease.
• 50.1% stated that they would remain the same.

Q4 - Responsibility For UK Economy's Position

Respondents were asked who was responsible for the UK economy's present situation:

• 37% responded that the Government was responsible.
• 0.5% responded that foreign governments were responsible.
• 49.6% responded that banks were responsible.
• 5.9% responded that the FSA was responsible.
• 3.6% responded that individual consumers were responsible.

Q5 - Effect of an Early General Election

Businesses were asked what effect a General Election before June 2010 (the last possible date) would have on business confidence:

• 42.9% stated that it would improve business confidence.
• 15.4% stated that it would worsen business confidence.
• 41.4% responded that it would have no effect on business confidence.

Q6 - Working Time Directive

Respondents were asked how much of a detrimental effect the Working Time Directive will have on business:

• 40.4% responded that it would have no effect.
• 16.5% responded that it would have little effect.
• 23.1% responded that it would have some effect.
• 12.1% responded that it would have a substantial effect.
• 8% stated that it would have a major effect.

Q7 - Prospects for the UK Economy

Businesses were asked about their views on the prospects for the UK economy over the coming three months:

• 9.8% responded that they expected the UK economy to improve.
• 62% responded that they expected it to deteriorate.
• 28% responded they expected the state of the economy to remain the same.

Q8 - Effectiveness of Local Schemes

We asked if respondents were aware of new local and regional schemes to help support businesses during the recession:

• 10.5% responded that new local and regional schemes have been effective.
• 36.8% responded that new local and regional schemes have been ineffective.
• 51.2% are not aware of any new schemes.

Q9 - Relationship with Local Councils

Respondents were asked about how the downturn had affected business relationships with local councils:

• 8% stated that the downturn has resulted in a better relationship with their council.
• 21.1% stated that their relationship had worsened.
• 70.4% responded that their relationship was unchanged.

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