3rd March 2014
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Written by Alex Blakelock

The Jar of Dreams, developed by online bed retailer Time4Sleep.co.uk, monitors the tweets users send out when they wake up, analysing the content to reveal whether their dreams are good, bad or just plain weird. It found that Leicester is the hotspot for bad dreams in the UK, where almost half (47%) of all night's sleep are hit by a nightmare**. Those who don't fancy a rough night should also steer clear of Leeds and Norwich, where the likelihood of a bad dream is 33% and 31% respectively. The following top 10 illustrates the percentage of dreams which are bad in each city:

The top 10 cities for bad dreams: 1. Leicester (45%) 2. Leeds (33%) 3. Norwich (31%) 4. Lincoln (30%) 5. Aberdeen (29%) 6. Worcester (28%) 7. Sheffield (27%) 8. Manchester (26%) 9. Liverpool (26%) 10. York (25%) Most good dreams are reported in Swansea, with 50% of them deemed good, happy, fun or amazing. Hull (47%) and Nottingham (39%) follow closely behind, and snoozers in Newcastle and Cardiff are in with a 38% chance of a good dream.

The following top 10 illustrates which percentage of dreams are good: The top 10 cities for good dreams: 1. Swansea (50%) 2. Hull (47%) 3. Nottingham (39%) 4. Newcastle (38%) 5. Cardiff (38%) 6. Birmingham (37%) 7. London (36%) 8. Glasgow (36%) 9. Aberdeen (33%) 10. Edinburgh (33%) Happy dreams had 19% of tweeters smiling when they woke up, with just a handful (3%) waking up from a sad dream. In between happy and sad came weird dreams, which made it into 9% of the nation's nights. Nationally, 63% of dreams have been good* in the last seven days, against the remaining 37% which were a bit of a nightmare**.

Jonathan Warren, Director at Time4Sleep, said the tool provides a valuable insight into the nations sleep habits:

"We spend a third of our lives asleep, and have finally been able to use technology to gain a fantastic insight into how the nation sleeps and dreams. We thought it would be interesting to see the mood of people's dreams every night, and how the content can change depending on their work, personal life or what has been going on in the world that day.

Thankfully the data shows that most people are having good dreams at the moment, but there are some interesting links between the type of dreams we have and where we live. Time4Sleep is an online bed retailer specialising in the latest bed frames, divans and mattresses.

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