Leicester based weight loss expert's “eat more, exercise less” motto proven right
2nd December 2010
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Have you seen this: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1332835/The-trick-keeping-weight-good-Eat-like--dont-count-calories.html

Results of a new study have revealed that the key to successful and sustainable weight loss is to eat more food rather than restricting your calorie intake.

The six-month, £12million University of Copenhagen study – unlike previous studies – has distinguished between types of foods rather than their calorific values.

Its findings have shown that as long as you follow a high protein, low Glycemic Index regime then you can eat whatever you like, whenever you like.

Leicestershire weight loss and fitness expert Joe Hanney has been advising his clients to follow this type of diet for 10 years and is excited that this new research has been published.

He said: “There is a myth in the fitness industry that in order to stay healthy and lose weight you should eat less and exercise more, but I firmly believe that the opposite is true.

“I teach my clients to eat more and exercise less, and when they follow their specially designed programmes – which include exercise and nutritional plans – we can predetermine their results from day one.

“My hope is that this research shakes up the industry and shatters the eat less, exercise more mantra – it simply isn't possible to maintain that regime.

At Joe's gym, Results Weight Loss, he teaches members that by eating more and exercising less they can obtain the body that they aspire to – and they can maintain that body too.

He designs personal weight loss programmes for each of his members and encourages them to work smarter, not harder in the gym.

Members typically drop a jean size in just 30 days, and set achievable goals that programmes are designed around.

“If weight loss advice that we read in every newspaper and magazine worked we wouldn't be seeing a rise in obesity in the UK.

“This is exactly the kind of breakthrough that we need in order to achieve a healthier, happier population.”

Results Weight Loss has well over 10 years experience and is well-known in Leicestershire for its expert coaches and well-designed programmes.

It is currently offering a no-obligation 30 day trial for just £49.

Visit our website HERE for more information or call 0116 202 9857

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