Latest Inflation Report For November 2011 In The UK From The Bank Of England
23rd November 2011
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The annual growth rate of nominal spending on consumer goods and services remained very weak.

• The level of activity in the housing market remained subdued, with less of a pickup than usual after the


• Investment intentions pointed to a further modest increase in spending on capital over the coming year.

• Exports of goods continued to grow steadily, although there had been some slowing in orders reflecting

both softer world demand and rising uncertainty.

• Manufacturing output was still growing compared with a year earlier, but the pace of growth had been

declining for some months.

• The growth rate of business services turnover had also fallen over the past few months, due to weakness

in professional and financial services.

• There had been a slight contraction in construction output, compared with a year earlier, and activity was

expected to fall further.

• Firms in a strong financial position could access credit on competitive terms, but small businesses often

reported that conditions remained tight, and in some cases had become tighter.

• Employment intentions had softened recently, with increasing uncertainty leading to greater caution in

some cases.

• The level of capacity utilisation was around normal in manufacturing, but had fallen a little over the past

few months. There remained a degree of slack in services.

• Total labour cost growth remained modest, and slowing activity had lessened upward pressures on pay.

• Raw materials costs inflation continued to fall back.

• Import price inflation had levelled off, albeit at a high rate, following the easing in materials cost


• Manufacturing output price inflation continued to rise steadily, while inflation in business services was

more restrained.

• Annual inflation for consumer goods and services remained elevated

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