Joe Of Results Weight Loss Gives Leicester Men And Women Key Advice On How To Have A Guilt Free Holiday
21st May 2011
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How to enjoy a guilt free holiday!


Summer is upon us once again and it’s likely that many of you will be taking a holiday for a week or two. Whether it’s at home in the UK or overseas, the chances are that you’ll be relaxing and having a good time, which will inevitably mean loosening up on your regular diet and exercise routine. In turn this could lead to you worrying about weight gain.


However, providing you lead a healthy lifestyle throughout the rest of the year, one or two weeks of relaxing won’t hurt you at all. I always say that it’s not what you eat between Christmas and New Year that does the damage, but what you eat between New Year and Christmas. The same thing applies with holidays.


There are a few simple rules to bear in mind while you are on holiday:


1) Always eat breakfast as soon as you get up. Then try to eat every couple of hours to keep your energy up and your blood sugar stable.

2) Incorporate protein into every meal

3) Drink plenty of water – especially if you are somewhere hot.


You may be pleased to know that you might even find it easier to lose weight while you’re away, simply because you’re in a better state of mind. Away from the pressures of everyday life – work, home and your hectic schedule – you are more relaxed. Also, the sun does wonders for your mood which means that you’re less prone to eating out of boredom and because you have to bare all you are generally more conscious about what you’re eating.


When you’re at home in your usual routine you are more stressed which is a huge contributor to weight gain, you work long hours and the weather is normally dull, so it stands to reason that a holiday is good for you.


So eat, drink and have a great time on your holiday without feeling guilty if you over-indulge. You will come back feeling so much better for it and can return to your healthy lifestyle when you get home.


Have a great holiday wherever you choose to go!



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