Ideas for the half term in Leicestershire
20th October 2016
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The Steam Powered Big Draw, is taking place over half term. This programme is a creative and educational event that provides free indoor fun for the whole family. The Big Draw is an annual National Festival that celebrates drawing and is being held at the Atkins Gallery Building with the theme of Steam Powered. It is anticipated that the theme will inspire a good deal of creative ideas in children and young people whist getting the whole family to explore their artistic sides.

Spooky Science, this half term holiday the Spooky Science Team have taken over and they have all gone slightly batty! Sounds like a lot of fun and games to be had at the National Space Centre, Leicester.

Stoneywell Camp Fire fun with 50 things. Come and get good and warm during half term holidays with bonfire treats and storytelling. There are lots of activities including catching a falling leaf – not as easy as it sounds, bird watching – but you have to be quiet, eating an apple straight from the tree – rub it on your jumper sleeve, and a great deal more. This is a National Trust event and a treat for all the family, just wrap up warm in case.

Within the environs of Leicester there are a number of fine parks, they are free to enter and offer unlimited and splendid outdoor recreation for families, especially with youngsters needing some fresh air and relaxation.

Aylestone Meadowsa taste of the countryside in the city’ best describes the Aylestone Meadows. Its diverse landscape of woodlands, wetlands, open grasslands, streams and ponds help give the great variety of wildlife. Long Horn rare breed cattle grazing on the wet meadows close to the Pack Horse Bridge during the summer months, reinforces this feeling of a long lost rural idyll. Before the clocks go back why not spend a day or so exploring, it is free and fabulous. Aylestone Meadows forms the southern end of the Leicester Riverside that stretches through the heart of the city to Watermead Country Park in the north.

Watermead Country Park is a network of lakes woodlands and nature reserves created from 340 acres of gravel workings along the River Soar to the north of the city.

The Park is now a haven for wetland wildlife enjoyed by nature lovers, walkers and families. The park has fine lake views and woodland walks with good paths, picnic and barbeque areas.

A life sized sculpture of a mammoth inspired by the mammoth, bison and deer bones found in the gravel workings overlooks the 92 acres of Watermead managed by the City Council. Further north the park is under the control of Leicestershire County Council. Easily accessible either on foot or by bicycle the Sustrans long distance cycle route 6 and local route 1 cycle ways passes through the park.

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