How much water do we need and why do we need it?
20th April 2011
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The body is made up of 60% water in adult males and about 55% in adult females.


Water is an important catalyst for weight loss because proper hydration is essential for fats burning, maintenance of muscle mass, and boosting overall metabolism. If you’re dehydrated even to a slight degree, your cortisol levels will rise and your metabolic rate will drop. 


Also if you dehydrate a muscle by as little as 3 percent, for example you will lose 10 percent of its strength and 8 percent of its speed. Overall a loss of 1-2 percent of water can decrease whole body entire performance by 10 percent.


Recent research says that you need to drink at least a litre of water per 50lbs of body weight to keep hydrated.


If you are currently not drinking enough, start to create habit so that you will eventually research your optimal levels of water.


I hope this has gave you a little insight to why water drinking water is very important to weight and health.


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