Give the gift of time
7th December 2015
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With Christmas only a handful of weeks away, shops are starting to shout about their latest sales and the must-have gifts this season. But the most valuable gift is something we take for granted… time.


For some, Christmas is a lonely and difficult time. Though many of us are eager to tuck into our Christmas dinners and enjoy our presents, some will be spending Christmas alone. The support of charities is quite often the only way for them to get through the holiday period, which leads to a push for volunteers.


Volunteering is a highly rewarding activity. It can not only enhance your CV and improve your skillset, but you can also make a difference to people’s lives. Here in Leicester, we have a range of charities, each supporting different causes, from homelessness to mental health. As Christmas draws nearer, charity shops will be in need of donations and staff volunteers. Yes, we live very busy lifestyles, but giving a small number of hours to helping charities continue their work can be fulfilling and enlightening.


It is not uncommon for our homes and garages to become cluttered with unwanted gifts from previous Christmases. These neglected presents and these outgrown clothes are more valuable than you might realise; with charities eager for stock to sell in their stores, Christmas can present an opportunity to have a clear-out. Taking the items that you don’t need or want anymore will be like giving a Santa-sack to a charity, whilst making space for new gifts.


There are other ways that you can support charities this Christmas. Some, like the homeless charity Crisis, will be hosting specific fundraising events throughout the Christmas period such as Christmas parties. If you have an issue that is close to your heart, or if you feel that a topic needs to have greater awareness, hosting a similar event can be a great gift to a charity.


With all the excitement and celebrations around this time of the year, it is important to remember that it will not be the case for some of us. Large retail chains will inevitably start promoting their sales and goods, however helping a charity and in turn, the causes they support can be even more meaningful.


Have a look around Leicester or your local area and see how you can help make a charity’s Christmas.    


 By: D.Burton Editing





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