People of Leicester Don't forget Fathers Day
23rd May 2016
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Father’s Day, unlike Mothering Sunday - Mother’s Day, is not a religious celebration, although a connection with St Joseph is acknowledged by some.

Father’s Day was created in America to compliment Mother’s Day and to celebrate Fatherhood as an institution, and rightly so. It seems right to applaud Fathers, of all generations, during the Springtime, and it is a good opportunity to show how much we care.

So how can we mark Father’s Day?

There are many attractive gifts on sale throughout the City and something to suit every pocket. For youngsters, we suggest that with the help of an adult they look for something at pocket money level, most Dads are happy with knowing that they are loved without the need to spend a lot of money.

Depending on what hobbies Dad enjoys there are many things on offer. For example, for the gardener one or two bedding plants – not expensive and will be a reminder all year through, for the reader a book token from one of the book shops in the City, for the foodie something choice to eat – Dads do like chocolate and other tasty treats. A Father’s Day card with a nice message written inside, most of all what Dads want is the love of their child so a hug would be welcomed.

Buying for older people celebrating Father’s Day don’t break the bank. Think of something special and affordable. Based on the interests that Dad has buy something that will fit the bill, i.e. music is always great in the form of Disks etc., personal hygiene products are always popular and there are more to choose from in the top shops in the high street plus shower shampoos, shaving products and moisturisers. For the man who ‘dresses well’ maybe a nice pair of cuff links emblazoned with a Foxes logo? For those really pushing the boat out why not consider an experience of a lifetime – take Dad on a hot air balloon trip, these and other experiences can be purchased locally. Alternatively, or in addition, take Dad out for a slap up meal; a roast on Sunday or dinner out. What many Dads really like is having family around them.

Don’t forget the older generation of Fathers. Grandfathers mostly love seeing their family members and sharing time with them. However, they too should be remembered on Father’s Day, so why not throw a family BBQ, or take Grandad, and Grandma of course, to lunch or a nice dinner in town? Mostly, older folks have lots of ‘things’ so be inventive; an experience day is cool for older Dads, it is surprising how many older folks would love to do something exciting; parachute jumping, a guided tour of the National Space Centre, or a day at the Races.

Fathers and Fatherhood should be celebrated in appropriate style with love and hugs. Enjoy.

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