Did you know that it will soon be National Bike Week?
27th May 2015
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National Bike Week takes place from 13th to 21st June and aims to promote cycling and demonstrate just how easy it is to make cycling part of your daily routine.

If you felt inspired by the Team GB cyclists but you still haven’t got around to buying a bike, we offer ten great reasons why you should:

  • To get fit – what’s more …you will be enjoying yourself so much, you won’t even notice that you’re getting fit and staying in shape.  Keeping fit reduces the risk of serious illness.
  • To save money – no longer will you have to drive and pay out for petrol or diesel.  Even if you can’t complete all journeys by bike, you’ll still be saving yourself money.
  • It’s easy on the joints – as a low impact exercise, cycling allows the muscles to be physically challenged without placing too much stress on the bones.
  • You can exercise as and when you want – you can cycle any time of the day or night to suit you, your family and your lifestyle.
  • You’ll boost your metabolism – cycling is the best way to promote weight loss and boost your metabolism
  • You’ll feel happier – being outside you will feel more refreshed and revitalised and this will give a boost to your mental health.
  • You’ll have increased motivation – cycling events are on the up in the UK and there is always something going on to keep your motivated.
  • It’s a great challenge – cycling is great for fitness and you can place challenges on yourself in order to improve including ….don’t avoid hills when you ride!
  • You’ll help the environment – travelling on two wheels is better for the planet than going anywhere by car or bus. More than 20% of the UK's dangerous carbon emissions come from cars and Lorries on the roads.
  • It’s a sociable sport – cycling is something you can do with your children or with friends.

Whether you are new to cycling or an experienced rider, support National Bike Week and “get on yer bike”!

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