Delay the onset of dementia and support life long learning
2nd November 2014
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In recent weeks the team here at TheBestOfLeicester took time out away from the office to join and support a new 'movement' called Good for Nothing Leicester.  The concept if simple... people offer their time and the skills for free.. hence good for nothing.  Check them out here

The first ever Good for Nothing Leicester Hack (A day where a group of talented people give up their own time and come together to work on a given brief to help a charity) took place on Saturday 25th Oct 2014 and it was awesome!

A group of complete strangers from a varied backgrounds coming together to support a common cause in support of a charity was magical. The first GFN Hack was in support of a charity called Learning For the 4th Age  An amazing Leicester based charity which sends volunteers out in the community to deliver learning opportunities to older people receiving care.  It has been proven that continued learning and mental stimulation can delay the onset of dementia and as the disease seems to be increasingly common we think the work the charity and volunteers are doing is simply amazing. Check them out here!!!

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