Child Safety and your window blinds
10th April 2012
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Over the past few years there have been several preventable accidents and fatalities involving young children and free hanging blind cords or chains.

One child fatality as a result of entanglement in window blind cord or chain is one too many. For a number of years we at Barlow Blinds have been ensuring that all of our customers across leicester are fully aware of the various safety options available for the types of blinds we install. Unfortunatley we have come across some blind 'suppliers' in Leicestershire who do not mention blind safety.

Emily Warner tragically died in December and her parents have written an open letter to everyone who has or who are thinking of having blinds. "Our family has been broken. We don't want other families to suffer in the way we have. We want the message out ther that just by taking simple steps with blinds you can protect your children"

There are a wide range of blinds that do not have looped chains or cords. Wand operated Vertical Blinds, Spring operated Roller Blinds, and Intu Venetian and Pleated blinds are all available without cords.

If your preferred choice is a blind with a looped cord or chain there are approved safety devices that can be fitted to secure the chain or cord to the wall at no extra cost, these devices can be retro fitted to all the blinds in your home.

There are simple steps that you can take straight away to make your home safer for young children.

Make sure all blind cords and chains are always secured out of reach.

Do not put your child's bed, cot, playpen near to a window blind.

As children love to climb move chairs, sofas, tables etc away from your windows. 

We don't believe children should be wrapped in cotton wool, but we do have a reponsibility as parents to ensure our homes are as safe for our children as possible.

If you have young children living or visiting your home and you are thinking of having new blinds make sure you ask your chosen blind supplier about the child safe blinds they offer. If you are not satisfied with their answers maybe they aren't as reputable as you first thought.

We have visited several customer's homes to fit safety devices on blinds that were installed only days before by another company who were refusing to return and to do the job properly.

For further information visit or contact your local BBSA or Make it Safe member.

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