Caravanning is the new luxury holiday
22nd June 2016
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Caravans have become state of the art, high end luxury, with well-appointed accommodation to suite every possible need, including enough gadgetry to keep everybody entertained long into the night.

Firstly, there are two basic concepts, static and touring caravans.

Luxury static caravans and lodges are to be found across this Country, Europe and beyond. Fitted with many amenities and luxurious trimmings these commodious fixed location homes from home are great for anyone but especially for growing families who love unrestricted relaxation and the great outdoors. Having the right vehicle to transport the family to and from is cool and a good quality 4 x 4 vehicle will allow easy travel in comfort wherever the sat nav takes you.

Luxury touring Caravans, depending in the specification, come as two wheelers or four wheelers.  Clearly, a high spec vehicle with plenty of space – space means privacy too – and all mod cons is going to be fairly heavy, hence the extra wheels, and towing larger caravan requires a suitable vehicle to pull it, a 4 x 4 will do that with relative ease.

High end caravans come with full mains electrical systems, excellent bathroom space and showers that could compliment one’s home very well, adequate space and privacy to sleep five or six people including a double bed, and truly comfortable seating, plus the kitchen sink! Caravans have come of age; luxury caravans have become the discerning holiday makers must have.

There are fine, well established, excellent quality sites across this country and beyond, all within driving distance of Leicester. Due to our excellent motorway connections drivers can travel quickly to any part of the United Kingdom without too much effort, a good quality car is advisable and 4 x 4’s are great towing vehicles. Setting off for Europe is also easy with ferry terminals dotted along the South Coast of England, plus the Chanel Tunnel. Boarding a ferry or cross channel train is simplicity itself and is made easier with a powerful vehicle to pull the caravan.

Drivers who may be a touch concerned about towing should take heart, there are organisations who will teach the art of towing a caravan. Of more concern is matching the caravan to a suitable car, a small car can be overrun by a heavy caravan causing ‘jack knifing’, also an underpowered car will struggle to pull a heavy caravan causing damage to the clutch and gear box, and making breaking heavily a touch risky. Whereas a well-balanced powerful pulling vehicle will cope with all aspects of towing with considerable ease, making towing a caravan a pleasurable skill.

The Best of Leicester recommends a solid and sturdy vehicle from from 4x4 Vehicle Hire Leicester for all your caravan towing needs.

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