Are You Drinking Enough?
7th July 2009
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The vast majority of the body consist's of Liquids. Every organ and cell require fluid's to function. None more so than the brain. In hot weather , as you sweat more to control your body temperature, you can become lethargic and slow in your movement and reaction's due to dehydration. It really doesn't take a lot to become dehydrated. Feeling thirsty is only the first sign. However you should take notice at that point. If the brain is getting insufficient fluid's , it becomes difficult to concentrate , and headaches begin. Which is why , it's such a good idea to carry water with you , at your desk, at school or on the move.

Our digestive system also, need 's large amount's of water, to function and maintain the process of elimination. When the colon is dehydrated, you become constipated, bloated and if not addressed the trapped toxins will again cause headaches .It's all very well reaching for medication, but it really could be as simple as just drinking more water. to get the relief from that heavy , lethargic feeling.

We should be drinking around 4 - 6 pint's of water daily . Everyone is different. However, during hotter weather, increased exercise or working or driving in an airconditioned enviroment ,you really need to drink a lot more.

The most effetive way to rehydrate will always be with water. You can also increase your energy levels by adding a small amount of apple juice . This increases the electrlyltes and rehydrates faster. I hear lot's of people say " But I don't like water" If that's you? mix it with some cordial or fruit juice. Don't just avoid it.Try to reduce your intake of fizzy drinks , alchohol and caffine, that force your kidney's to work harder for far less benefit.

If you are continually working in hotter temperatures , then it may also be a good idea to take supplements , such as Berrocca, or Emergen-C. As mineral's and salt's may be lost through sweat.

Use your common sense. If you have a headache. Think about how much water you have drunk in the last few hours. Think about , when you last ate. If it's been a while since you reached for a drink or food , then tackle that first, before suffering any longer or reaching for pain relief.

So it's that simple . Water really doe's energize you. Your body need's only 3 thing's WATER, AIR AND FUEL. You will hear us say it again and again at Bikram. Look after yourself. Drink plenty of water , eat well, breath well. Practicing yoga helps you to understand and listen to your body better. You're lucky. Some people will never understand how simple it is to look after themselves, and have good health. Yoga provides the connection between mind and body, to achieve good health. So never ignore the signs that your body offers you. It will always be more honest than your mind .

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