‎‎172,000 people have tried to lose weight in the Midlands alone this YEAR!
25th November 2010
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‎‎172,000 people have tried to lose weight in the Midlands alone this YEAR!


I don’t think the amount of weight they lose isn’t even at issue, because 95% of these people could admit to gaining all the weight back (plus more) with in a space of a few weeks of giving up the quick fix diets. We are consistently told to decrease the consumption of fat and cholesterol, and yet this continually increases our incidence of obesity, disease and death.


Not to mention, that people associate ‘eating normal’ as eating food likes potato, pasta, bread and all other kinds of junk processed food. There is so many dietary mistakes that people are being told that it is untrue, not to mention that the actual food we do buy is changing at such an increasingly rapid pace that over the last 20 years that the food is no longer the same stuff that we used to eat. The addition of pesticides have taken the most healthy of our fruits and vegetables and turned them into neurotoxin, estrogen producing and yes cancer forming, compounds that our body no longer recognise as food. 


Our meat, fish and poultry is fed amazingly large doses of antibiotics, steroids and chemicals that make them grow freakishly large in record time causing use to do the same when we eat it and our processed foods, well, they are so denatured that they are closer in molecular identity to plastic than they are food. It’s no wonder that so many of us are sick and overweight.


This is the TRUTH about weight loss that no one talks about. Hunger and compulsive eating is about malnutrition NOT calories. As long as your food is nutrient dense then you’ll never have to count calories again.


Joe Hanney Rant is Over :)

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