22nd September 2015
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A while ago I was looking for a nice restaurant in my friends’ home town for a birthday surprise. Not having lived there for 20 years I was at a loss, so I asked some friends still living there for some recommendations. Back came a shortlist of their favourite places to eat. I booked the one that sounded fantastic, and we had a stunning meal with great service

But what if, instead of going for a meal, I was looking for a service that none of my friends had had any experience of? What would YOU do if nobody you knew had used, say, a physiotherapist, recently?
If you are anything like me, you'd be searching for REVIEWS of local physiotherapist.

If you're the owner of a business looking to grow, this is important stuff. Reviews recommend your business to people who don't know any of your existing customers. They are social proof that your business is better than the competition. They are nothing less than the start of your relationship with your new customer.

You’re almost certainly damaging your business growth if you're not using reviews from happy customers in your marketing. It's probably even more damaging if you have some reviews, but the latest one is two years old. You might have just got too busy to keep collecting them, but to a prospective customer it looks like you used to be good two years ago...

Luckily, reviews are easy to collect (assuming your customers are happy). A simple 'Would you mind giving us a review?' is often all you need to ask, as a member of thebestof you get supplied with branded review cards to give to your customers with their bill for example.

Displaying framed thank you cards and reviews on your walls not only proves to new customers what a great company you are, it also shows how important feedback is to you. And that's great for business. At the bestof all our reviews are validated so we know our featured businesses are truly THEBEST!

For more information, call Stuart on 01536 303034 or email kettering@thebestof.co.uk

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