What to do when your computer goes wrong?
19th January 2017
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What to do when your computer goes wrong?

Kris Mc Millan of Kris's Computers of Kettering outlines some great answers to your frequently asked questions.

If you need any support over the phone, on line or in person, call Kris now on 07766 906395. 


There is no display on the monitor what do I do?

Check to make sure the monitor is turned on. Make sure that there is power going to the monitor, you should see the standby light on the monitor. Make sure that the monitor is connected to the PC and that the PC is turned on.

Computer is running very slow, why is this?
The Laptop hasn’t been restarted in a while, there could be a problem with hard drive and possibly a virus or malware. It may also be running out of computer memory.

 What do I do to fix a paper jam on the printer?

Some printers are able to tell you where the paper jam is especially if it is a combined printer/photocopier and fax. Carefully remove the paper and try not to rip it. If you do rip it, then make sure that you remove all traces of paper. You can use a pair of pointed-nose pliers or use a can of compress air. Do use anything to poke the paper through.

Why does my laptop pop up a blue screen a few minutes after switching on?

There could be problems with an incorrect or out of date driver for your graphics card. A file has been corrupted in C:\Windows folder or there could be problem with the hard drive itself

What is the best anti-virus package to have?


AVG, as it’s free and it doesn’t load anything that is not required when you install it.

What will a support package cover?


I have a cracked screen, can it be replaced?

Yes, it can be replaced. But would need to check the model of the old screen – as all screens are different and have different connectors on them.


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