The next 5 Top Business Tips for Kettering Business Owners.
2nd September 2019
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The next 5 Top Tips to help local Kettering businesses.

 Simple, effective business tips that can be put into practice quickly, easily - taking hardly any time!

Top Tip #6 – The Facebook Boost Trap

There are other ways to get your posts in front of people on Facebook other than just organic posts!

The BAD news is that the vast majority of businesses are going falling into an all too common trap.

One way to get your posts in front of people is to BOOST them.
That’s when you click the good ol’ boost button, pay Facebook some money and they’ll show your post to more people.

Sounds good right? A good use of a few quid?


The Boost button is the biggest trap for business owners on Facebook.
When you click BOOST what you're telling Facebook is to show your ad to the people who are most likely to ENGAGE with your ad - in other words, people who will LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE.

SPOILER ALERT: you can't pay the bills with Facebook Likes

The Boost button has one job, to get you the most engagement on your 'ad' so you feel like it's worked.

What you want to do is NOT click Boost - but instead, build a 'proper' ad using the Facebook Ads Manager.

It's still simple to do (once you know how) and will make your ads waaaaay more successful.




Top Tip #7 – Personalisation of E-mails

Kettering business owners are finding it increasingly difficult to get their emails opened, let alone have any action taken from what’s in the main copy. 

And no wonder – the average email open rate is just 18%!! 

But fear not, as we’ve got some email subject lines that could nearly double your open rate (and that’s just in the worst-case scenario!) and the reason for this? – They’re all, as you’ll see, personalised to the recipient.

IMPORTANT: for this post, we’re classing BEST as the subject lines that generated the highest open rate (because that’s the subject lines job!).
Have look at these and give us a call if you’d like to know when’s the best time to use them 📞

Subject line #4:
~Contact.FirstName~ - OPEN RATE: 35%

Subject line #3:
~Contact.FirstName~’s Envelope/Quote - OPEN RATE: 42%

Subject line #2:
~Contact.FirstName~, about yesterday… - OPEN RATE: 45%

Subject line #1:
The Best Performing Subject Line…
Have I upset you ~Contact.FirstName~? - OPEN RATE: 61%

*Source: InfusionSoft CRM




Top Tip #8 – Mystery Shopping


Local businesses need to differentiate themselves more than ever before.

You may have the best product or offering in your industry.

But your hard work can all be worthless if the delivery of the customer service and buying experience is nothing short of fantastic and you’ll just be seen as the same as everyone else – or possibly worse.
But how do you know if the customer is actually having an easy and fantastic buying experience?

Mystery Shopping exercises allow business owners to get quick, reliable and quality (and low cost!👍) feedback from the customers’ perspective – as that’s the perspective that matters most.

It is an invaluable tool in aiding the evaluation of a teams’ customer care performance levels, training budgets and delivery of a company’s mission statement to their core customer sector.

So if you’re serious about delivering an amazing customer buying experience and are curious about how your processes and you and your team perform from a customers perspective, then talk to one of the many Mystery Shopping services that are available for you to utilise.




Top Tip #9 – Live Chat

Responding faster to a lead or a potential customer is going to make a better customer experience.
It can actually be the difference maker when it comes to converting a customer.

But how do you do it?

When first launched (several years ago), live-chat software was slow and impersonal.
Now though, it’s become the exact opposite.
Gone are the days of customers sitting, waiting for help, only to receive an impersonal message asking them to call the business or visit their FAQs.
Thankfully, live chat systems have been through a huge shift.
It’s actually becoming one of the best ways to nurture customers and drive sales fast.

Nobody appreciates waiting on hold for 15 minutes or sitting by their email to get a response days later.
And you don’t want to risk losing conversions with those outdated methods of operation, either.
Responding faster is guaranteed to provide a better user experience and it will likely lead to increases in conversions.

Today’s consumers expect instant responses.
Live Chat helps you respond with bots even when you’re in an appointment or out on a job.
Live chat could be one of the best tools you implement on your website today.

Here are four reasons why you should consider live chat.

1. Responding faster = more leads
There are tons of other businesses out there doing the same thing you’re doing, so why are customers going to wait half an hour for you to respond?
Many simply won’t. They’ll bounce back to Google and click the next ranking company.

2. Help people even when you’re not there
One word: “bots”. This is where you can customise responses (bots) based on common questions, or simply respond with an automated bot that can assist.

3. Overcome objections instantly
If someone has that burning question that is more complex than an FAQ page can answer and it isn’t answered quickly, they’re going elsewhere.

4. Live chat can save you money
While most live chat services aren’t free, investing in them could reduce overall costs. This is because many customers and website visitors would prefer to use a live chat facility rather than speaking directly on the phone. At the same time, live chat can reduce the number of staff needed to deal with customer enquiries as they can take care of several customers at once and use prewritten ‘canned responses’ to respond to frequently asked questions.


Top Tip #10 –

Kettering Business Owners – No More Writers Block!

Whether you’ve been in business for a week, a year, a decade or even more, at some point, you’ll have come to that moment (or soon will), where you’re ready to write that amazing sales letter, or super engaging email or even the copy for your website and you stare at that blank white page and just don’t know where to start.

We’ll we’ve come across a tool that’s being used by some of the best marketers in the country (because it's just so handy!) – and they literally use it every single day, and it's saved them countless hours of time, effort and man-hours. I am talking about...

Rev is an amazing app that transcribes audio or video into first draft text for you at a paltry $1/minute.

That's right... more and more of the best performing and most engaging articles, sales letter and emails started life as a voice recording.
They then go to for the initial first draft transcript.
This draft is then usually run past a pro-copywriter for the final tweaks making it ‘reader ready!’


Because when you talk you are more conversational, more natural, more human.
And you do it faster than if you were typing.

So the next time you need to write something and can't face the blank piece of paper... or the next time you have a video for social media and want people to hear what you're saying - give a try!

PS – Click here to get a free $10 worth of credit to try it for yourself



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