Suffering from a sore toe and can't walk around Kettering?
12th June 2017
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Suffering from a sore toe or other foot problems and can't walk around Kettering?

Next Step Podiatry of Kettering offer a range of treatments to ease and help with these conditions.


Toenail reconstruction is ideal for damaged, thick or missing toenails.
We use a uv gel designed especially for the reconstruction of toenails, the finished toenail is non porous, light, flexible and contains anti-mycotic agent Piroctone olamine.
This cosmetic procedure will help you gain confidence with your feet.

Upgrade your podiatry treatment with a therapeutic warm wax The treatment is beneficial if you are suffering with arthritis and rheumatic pain, plantar fasciitis, chilblains and sports injuries.
The warm wax therapy increases blood flow, relaxes muscles and increases skin hydration.

Toe nail surgery is the Permanent removal of a toenail that has been causing on going pain and infection.
Ingrowing toenail surgery is performed under local anaesthetic.
You can have a small portion of the nail removed or the whole nail removed.
This procedure offers a Permanent solution to ongoing painful toenails.

Falknors needling is a technique used to treat verrucas. A current study shows a 69% success rate after one treatment. It is carried out with the use of local anaesthetic and is a quick and simple procedure.

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