Planning on having a new bathroom in Kettering?
17th September 2018
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Planning on having a new bathroom in Kettering?


So where would you buy your bath, shower, toilet and wash basin from?

Plus the tiles for the floor and walls, radiators and many more things!

One of the first places to look is online and there are plenty of suppliers that can sell you all you need at what looks like great prices.

BUT there is more too it than buying these:

Have you got everything?
Will everything fit together?
What if they don't, how easy is it to change things and will it hold the job up?

Oh and who is going to fit it for you?

How good and reliable are they?

How much will they charge for a fit only job?


Lot's of questions and I know from experience having what looks like a low price for materials isn't the only thing that matters.

When you use a local supplier that offers a fitting service, they will look after everything for you, if a bath turns up with a mark on it they will sort it out the next day. Getting replacements is what they do.
The same applies if anything won't fit, they won't hold up the project getting replacements and also after care service is important.

Remember when an internet company has sold you the materials their job is done - then it's over to you!

So when you add all this together you will be amazed at how economical it can be to have the whole project managed from one source.

Here comes the best part, talk to Craig at Rothwell Tiles and Bathrooms in Rothwell, you can see and get everything from there and they fit as well. They are well recommended by their clients and have some fantastic products available.

Think about the overall cost of the job and have a talk to them - it will be worth while.

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